SSC MTS, Havaldar 2023 Final Vacancies Released: A Comprehensive Insight into Recruitment and Opportunities

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SSC MTS, Havaldar 2023 Final Vacancies Released: A Comprehensive Insight into Recruitment and Opportunities

In a recent development, the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) has unveiled the revised final vacancies for the multi-tasking (non-technical) staff and Havaldar recruitment for the year 2023. This critical update, now available on the official SSC website (, provides a thorough breakdown of the positions available, catering to the aspirations of thousands of candidates across the country. With a total of 1,773 posts up for grabs, candidates need to delve into the specifics to understand the nature of the opportunities awaiting them.  

Background: Reduction in Vacancies

Originally, the total number of vacancies stood at 12,523. However, after meticulous consideration, the SSC has revised this number down to 11,788 posts. This adjustment emphasizes the commission's commitment to maintaining transparency and efficiency in the recruitment process.  

Age Groups, Results, and the Havaldar Physical Efficiency Test

The SSC MTS results for the two distinct age groups, namely 18-25 years and 18-27 years, were officially declared on October 18. Following this, a total of 3,015 candidates were shortlisted for the Havaldar physical efficiency test, a crucial step in the recruitment process.   Out of these shortlisted candidates, 1,683 participated in the physical efficiency test, showcasing their physical prowess and readiness for the roles at hand. Impressively, 1,586 individuals have been declared qualified, marking a significant stride towards filling the vacant positions.   However, the journey wasn't without its challenges. Unfortunately, 110 candidates have been debarred from the examination due to the use of unfair means. Additionally, results for 387 candidates have been withheld, indicating meticulous scrutiny of the examination process to ensure fairness and integrity.  

Category-wise Vacancies: Understanding the Breakdown

The final list of vacancies provides a detailed breakdown, offering insight into the distribution of positions across various categories. This breakdown is crucial for candidates to identify where they stand in the competition and tailor their preparations accordingly.   Let's explore the category-wise distribution of vacancies for both MTS (Multi-Tasking Staff) and Havaldar roles:  
  1. UR (Unreserved)
  •    MTS (18-25 years): 586 posts
  •    MTS (18-27 years): 104 posts
  •    Havaldar: 171 posts
  •    Total: 861 posts
  1. OBC (Other Backward Classes):
  •    MTS (18-25 years): 295 posts
  •    MTS (18-27 years): 54 posts
  •    Havaldar: 59 posts
  •    Total: 408 posts
  1. SC (Scheduled Caste):
  •    MTS (18-25 years): 110 posts
  •    MTS (18-27 years): 15 posts
  •    Havaldar: 41 posts
  •    Total: 166 posts
  1. ST (Scheduled Tribe):
  •    MTS (18-25 years): 56 posts
  •    MTS (18-27 years): 12 posts
  •    Havaldar: 86 posts
  •    Total: 154 posts
  1. EWS (Economically Weaker Section):
  •    MTS (18-25 years): 124 posts
  •    MTS (18-27 years): 21 posts
  •    Havaldar: 39 posts
  •    Total: 184 posts
  1. TOTAL (All Categories):
  •    MTS (18-25 years): 1,171 posts
  •    MTS (18-27 years): 206 posts
  •    Havaldar: 396 posts
  •    Grand Total: 1,773 posts
  1. Additional Categories:
  • ESM (Ex-servicemen):
  • MTS: 87 posts
  • MTS: 8 posts
  • Havaldar: 31 posts
  • Total: 126 posts
  1. OH (Orthopedically Handicapped):
  •    MTS: 21 posts
  •    MTS: 5 posts
  •    Havaldar: 4 posts
  •    Total: 30 posts
  1. HH (Hearing Handicapped):
  •    MTS: 16 posts
  •    MTS: 2 posts
  •    Havaldar: 3 posts
  •    Total: 21 posts
  1. VH (Visually Handicapped):
  •    MTS: 7 posts
  •    MTS: 2 posts
  •    Havaldar: 0 posts
  •    Total: 9 posts

11. Others:

  •    MTS: 5 posts
  •    MTS: 1 post
  •    Havaldar: 4 posts
  •    Total: 10 posts

Exam Period: A Snapshot of the Testing Window

The SSC MTS and Havaldar recruitment exam took place over a period spanning from September 1 to September 14. This comprehensive testing window allowed candidates to showcase their skills, knowledge, and physical fitness, paving the way for the finalization of the selection process.  

A Call to Aspiring Candidates: Stay Informed and Prepared

This detailed breakdown serves as a guide for aspiring candidates, helping them comprehend the nuances of the vacancies and the competitive landscape. It is imperative for candidates to stay updated on the official SSC website for any further details, announcements, or modifications in the recruitment process.  

Wrapping up

The release of the final vacancies for SSC MTS and Havaldar roles is a significant milestone in the recruitment journey. Aspiring individuals are encouraged to utilize this information strategically, aligning their preparations with the specific requirements of the positions they aim to secure. The SSC remains committed to a fair and transparent selection process, ensuring that the most deserving candidates contribute to the workforce across various capacities.