World Bank, Forward MENA, and Simplilearn Collaborate to Empower

Published on : July 5, 2023 Published by : admin
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World Bank, Forward MENA, and Simplilearn Collaborate to Empower

The World Bank, in conjunction with Forward MENA and Simplilearn, has launched an extensive skilling project aimed at addressing the issue of youth unemployment in the Middle East region. The initiative, known as the Skilling-Up Lebanon program, seeks to equip young individuals in Lebanon with essential digital skills to prepare them for the growing demand in local, regional, and global job markets.



According to a recent survey conducted by Forward MENA, a Lebanon-based NGO, 88% of companies in Lebanon, particularly in the digital and tech sectors, are actively seeking qualified candidates to fill their full-time positions. However, they are struggling to find individuals with the necessary skill sets.  


      To bridge this skills gap, Simplilearn, the world's largest bootcamp for Digital skills, has been enlisted as the skilling partner responsible for training graduates and making them job-ready. In just four months, Simplilearn has successfully trained the first cohort of over 70 learners in specialized roles such as UI/UX Design Expert and DevOps Engineer. The comprehensive training program features a curriculum co-created with top universities and companies, including live classes delivered by industry experts and hands-on projects in collaboration with leading organizations.        


Mr. Eric Martorano, Chief Revenue Officer for Commercial Business at Simplilearn, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "There is a growing demand for digital skills in the Middle East, where companies are facing a shortage of talent. With the rapid adoption of new technologies, we have witnessed increasing interest and enthusiasm among graduates and professionals to upskill. Simplilearn, in collaboration with the World Bank, is dedicated to providing students with the necessary expertise to thrive in successful careers within the new economy. This aligns with our existing government partnerships in the Middle East, as we support their vision of developing human capital through skills development."        


Mouhamad Rabah, President of Forward MENA, highlighted the significance of the partnership with Simplilearn, saying, "The rapid pace of technological advancements is creating a disparity between education and the demands of the labor market. Together with the World Bank, we aim to empower young individuals, equipping them with digitally relevant skills that will enable them to excel in future job opportunities. After successfully completing the pilot phase, we are well-prepared to scale up this initiative."        


The collaboration between the World Bank, Forward MENA, and Simplilearn underscores their commitment to addressing the pressing issue of youth unemployment in the Middle East. By providing comprehensive digital skilling programs and identifying in-demand job roles and skills, the project aims to bridge the gap between talent supply and industry demand, ultimately fostering economic growth and job creation in the region.            

As the program progresses, it is anticipated that more young men and women in Lebanon will have access to valuable digital skills training, paving the way for a brighter future in the rapidly evolving job market.